Transport insurance.

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Extent of your coverage.

If you have sold your horse and it is going to be transported abroad, or the horse is going to an international competition by trailer/truck, ship or aeroplane, then that involves risk.

For national, international and intercontinental transport, we offer the XH Transport Insurance.

This policy provides cover for damage resulting from death or emergency slaughter as a direct result of an acute illness or accident from the moment the horse is transported. The following aspects can be co-insured:

  • Initial transport to or from the main transport location (incl. or excl. accommodation)
  • Quarantine(s)
  • The transport itself

Compensation for damages.

The compensation amounts to 90% of the insured value.


The premium is calculated as a percentage of the insured value of your horse. As this is a bespoke service, please contact us.

Request insurance.

Depending on the destination, application for this insurance policy requires at least:

  • a fully completed and signed application form
  • Dutch animal welfare authority [NVWA] medical certificate (for transport outside the Benelux)


  • a medical certificate (max. 6 weeks old) from your veterinarian



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